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RejuvaMatrix(R) Solar Homeopathy Mattress and Tesla Coil

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RejuvaMatrix(R) Solar Homeopathy Mattress and Tesla Coil

Scroll to watch a short video about the RejuvaMatrix Mattress and more information. The RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy Mattress (RM) was developed to provide non-ultraviolet frequencies similar to those from the sun. It does not provide ultraviolet for producing vitamin D 3.

Sacraments of the International Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing


 For many centuries the sun has been known to be essential for life. In many earlier civilizations the sun was worshiped. Obviously, sunlight is essential for plants and some sun energy is known to be essential for humans.  For instance, we cannot make vitamin D 3 without the ultraviolet component of sunlight.  On the other hand, excess ultraviolet can lead to severe burning of the sun and is thought by many dermatologists to be responsible but many skin cancers.  Thus sun blockers have been advised for most individuals.  Meanwhile a majority of individuals throughout the world are now deficient in Vitamin D, which is critical for immunity and overall health.


For over half a century Russian and Ukrainian physicists have studied other aspects of sun energy.  They have concluded that humans need the nanofrequencies to maintain health.  And the benefits of the infrared spectrum have also been found to have a variety of benefits. These beneficial frequencies are absorbed through the skin.


The RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy mat (RM) was developed to provide non-ultraviolet frequencies similar to those from the sun. It does not provide ultraviolet for producing vitamin D 3.  Daily exposure to this energy may provide health and well-being benefits.  The core of the mat consists of a copper screen, attached to a copper wire which may be connected to a Tesla coil for greater activation.  In addition, one pound of crushed sapphire crystal is spread over the copper screen to amplify the energy provided. The core is covered by one inch of polyfoam above and below the copper screen, and is enclosed in a quality mattress cover material.  We recommend the usual washable, quilted mattress pad over it to prevent body sweat, etc from soiling the mat cover.





The only known restrictions of RM are implanted pacemakers or electronic devices.  The RM mat should never be activated with a Tesla coil within 100 feet of someone with a pacemaker or implanted electronic device.  We do not recommend the device to be used by anyone with a metallic stent placed within coronary arteries.  It is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or who are premenopausal!!


In addition, we do not recommend that a Tesla coil be activated within 20 feet of any major electronic device, such as a computer.  We have noted that hearing aids may ring even when lying on the mat which is not activated.  We recommend removing watches or major metallic objects.  Rings and implanted metals such as hip or knee replacements are not a problem.


Exposure to the activated RM should be only 30 to 60 minutes daily.  This is equivalent to the energy available from being in the sun, with a total body applied sun blocker, for 5 to 10 hours. A timer is provided, if you choose to apply the activated RM at the time of your choice during sleep.  We can provide single, full, queen or king-sized RM mats.These statements have not been approved or reviewed by the FDA.

Daily exposure to this energy may provide health and well-being benefits. As a CONVENIENCE TO CLIENTS, WE WILL ORDER THE Tesla coil for you from the manufacturer.
(You are responsible for the cost of any maintenance and upkeep to the Tesla coil.)

*****Please Specify Which size you would like in the Special Instructions during checkout.******



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