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Youth + Essentials Daily

$49.00  $64.00

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DHEA Restoration Package

$109.00  $145.00

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DHEA Restoration Package

$109.00  $155.00

Magnesium Lotion
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Magnesium Lotion, 1-Year Supply 16oz

$148.00  $198.00

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Air Bliss, 1-Year Supply

$350.00  $479.40

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Fire, Earth and Crystal Bliss Set

$79.99  $99.85

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Memory Enhancement Package

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Medical Renaissance DVD and CD Deal!

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Macula Vision

$74.70  $86.52

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Telomere Regeneration - 1 year supply

$863.89  $958.56

Highest Quality Guarantee

At Shealy-Sorin Wellness we hold ourselves to high standards. We have curated a selections of only the finest holistic wellness products available in the world!

Definitive Clinical Proof

We NEVER promote solutions without DEFINITIVE Clinical Proof!

We Practice What We Preach

every single day in our own lives to create optimal wellness (Dr. Shealy is shooting for 125 years old) These are the exact wellness solutions we use ourselves & with our patients!