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5 Bliss Essential Oil Set

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5 Bliss Essential Oil Set

Sacraments of the International Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing

A full five (5) set of Bliss roll-ons. A secret blend of essential oils that assists in numerous of complete health regimens.

Bliss Set of 5 Roll-Ons

You receive 5 bottles, one for each Bliss - Air, Crystal, Earth, Fire and Water. Each bottle is 1/3 oz.

**Each bottle of Bliss comes with the corresponding set of Ring points and instructions**

Air Bliss

A true Essential Oil blend with the essences designed to enhance a sense of Bliss. Raises Oxytocin levels in most all individuals. Gives you feelings of calmness, relaxed, and detached free of anxiety. Proprietary blend of essential oils

Crystal Bliss

Crystal Bliss is a blend of Essential Oils developed specifically to stimulate the 13 points of The Ring of Crystal. Over a period of two or more weeks daily use reduces FREE RADICALS in the urine by 50% or more! Reducing free radicals may be the single most important health enhancer known!! You can check your own success by measuring urinary free radicals with an Oxi-Data test before starting and after two weeks of DAILY use, preferably twice daily. Start at the foot and progress up to of head.

Earth Bliss

Raises Calcitonin as well as the Shealy Pain Pro! For pain relief apply to the Ring of Earth points twice daily. Calcitonin is the strongest pain reliever the body makes, 40-60 times stronger than Morphine! Helps to maintain bone integrity. Comes with Ring of Earth Points picture. Only takes 30 seconds to apply.

Fire Bliss

Fire Bliss is a secret blend of essential oils which were developed to specifically stimulate sacred energetic life circuits  because they are so remarkably influential in regulating this magnificent temple in which we live. The first, Ring of Fire, was the result of asking what I could do beyond natural progesterone cream to assist DHEA restoration. I sensed that electrical stimulation of specific acupuncture points could regulate the entire endocrine system and indeed it does. In hundreds of individuals, we have enhanced DHEA safely. At the same time, we have demonstrated that stimulation of the Ring of Fire is effective in:

• Reducing by 75% the frequency and intensity of migraine.
• Marked improvement in 70 percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
• Reducing pain in 80% of patients with diabetic neuropathy.
• Improving depression in 70% of patients

Water Bliss

Electrical stimulation of the Ring of Water normalized aldosterone which helps balance water, potassium and sodium. We also found earlier that electrical activation of the Rings of Fire and Water helped individuals lose weight.


Telomeres are the most critical measurement of health and longevity. Three individuals have had significant regeneration of telomeres using Bliss Oils. For those who wish to use all 5 Bliss oils for potential regeneration of telomeres, you may order all 5 bottles on an autoship basis for a minimum of one year for a monthly recurrent charge of $110.00, including shipping or you may order 12 full sets of the oil for a one-time charge of $1200, including shipping. This is available only by calling 855-329-2124.

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