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Water Bliss Essential Oil

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Water Bliss Essential Oil

Sacraments of the International Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing

A secret blend of essential oils that assists:

• Balancing Water, Potassium and Sodium
• Losing Weight
• Contacting the Christological Heart

Water Bliss Essential Oil

A secret blend of essential oils that assists in: 

• Balancing Water, Potassium and Sodium
• Losing Weight
• Contacting the Christological Heart

Notes from Dr Shealy:

The Ring of Water

Electrical stimulation of the Ring of Water normalized aldosterone which helps balance water, potassium and sodium. We also found earlier that electrical activation of the Rings of Fire and Water helped individuals lose weight.

We have now tested the specific mixture of essential oils designed to stimulate the Ring of Water and I am delighted to report that Water Bliss now is recommended as the quick, simple and effective way to activate the energetics of the Ring of Water. It joins Air, Fire, Earth and Crystal Blisses, making Water Bliss application simple and quick—30 seconds to apply!

The Ring of Water is designed to balance emotions and to contact the Christological heart.


Telomeres are the most critical measurement of health and longevity. Three individuals have had significant regeneration of telomeres using Bliss Oils. For those who wish to use all 5 Bliss oils for potential regeneration of telomeres, you may order all 5 bottles on an autoship basis for a minimum of one year for a monthly recurrent charge of $110.00, including shipping or you may order 12 full sets of the oil for a one-time charge of $1200, including shipping. This is available only by calling 855-329-2124.

For Japanese orders please contact our exclusive distributor.
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