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Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute Holistic Services

Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute Holistic Services

2840 E. Chestnut Expwy.
Springfield, MO 65802
(888) 983-3904
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Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute

Health is the natural state of being: free of anxiety, depression, and symptoms that nag you that body and mind are not functioning normally. The key is Self-Regulation, the ability to detach from those aspects of life that one cannot change and to focus on creating inner peace and harmony. Just as there are many roads to Rome, there are many tools for Self-Regulation, including the broad field of Energy Medicine to optimize nutrition, biochemistry, strength, vigor, endurance, mental peace and spiritual attunement. The primary focus of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute is based on almost 5 decades of combined experience of C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, creator of TENS, in working with over 31,000 individuals who had suffered from chronic pain, depression, and the wide variety of problems that are not helped by conventional modern medicine.

Medical Director, Sergey Sorin MD, DABFM, is experienced and active in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and various modalities of Holistic, Integrative Medicine, working alongside and following in the legacy and footsteps of Dr. Shealy. He has had over over 10 years of experience working with Body, Mind, and Spirit, personally and professionally, especially after a personal, life changing diagnosis of Colon Cancer in 2007.

Services include:

In-depth Medical Evaluation and Recommendations $225
New Patient Office Visit: 1 hour
(for Comprehensive Evaluation and Recommendations)
New Patient Telephone or Skype Consult: 1 hour $200
New Patient Focused Visit: 1/2 hour
(for focused Comprehensive Evaluation and Recommendations)
Life Regression Therapy (Past Life Therapy): 1 hour $225
Follow Up Patient Visit: 1/2 hour
(can be via telephone or skype as well)
Follow-Up Patient Visit: 1 hour $200
Healthy Longevity Evaluation and Recommendations include:
    • Telomere testing ($400)
    • Blood testing ($75)
    • 1 hour Patient Visit ($225)
    • Includes Option of Telephone Conversation
1 Week Intensive with Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Sergey: Monday-Friday, 8 hours/day
Comprehensive evaluation with overall health recommendations:
    • Medical Review
    • Cranial Stimulation with Photostimulation to Optimize
    • Serotonin and Beta Endorphin
    • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
    • PEMF in Scalar Room
    • Guided Personal Biogenics Exercise
    • Lunch
    • Progressive Life Therapy™
    • Personal Bliss Recommendations and Application
    • Personal Recommendations for Optimal Supplements and Health Habits
2 Week Intensive with Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Sergey: Monday-Friday, 8 hours/day $7,500
1 Day Intensive with Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Sergey:
(also for Executive Optimization Package)
  • Exercise your mind as you would your body
  • Practice and build awareness, perception and a new set of tools for living your best life!
  • Learn Relaxation: the antidote to Stress, which is responsible for over 80% of human ailments
  • Sensory Biofeedback: know, love and cherish your physical body; know that you are more than your body.
  • Master your Mind, Emotions, and Feelings: You are more than your Mind, Emotions and Feelings.
  • Tune into your true inner Spiritual Self: experience attunement with the higher power and your higher purpose in life.
  • Experience Detachment, freedom to let go of things that are holding us back from being our personal best.
  • Over 31,000 success stories including Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety, Chronic Disease Reversal and Health/Wellness Optimization.
  • Works especially where the conventional modalities including our current healthcare system has failed.

Experience all this at the IIOHM (International Institute of Holistic Medicine), the Clinical Home of the world renowned Shealy-Sorin Wellness, The Original Holistic Center since 1971 with Dr. Norm Shealy, and Dr. Sergey Sorin

  • Including Shealy Biogenics system for Self-Regulation
  • Remastered with State of the Art Samvit Sound Technology.
  • Over 60 plus audio titles and counting.

Other Modalities including but not limited to:

  • Individual Counseling and Evaluations including daily sessions with Drs. Norm Shealy and Sergey Sorin.
  • Nutritional support and supplements
  • Electro-Magnetic Devices including PEMF, Sapphire AdrenoScalar, Cranial Stimulator, Shealy Relax-mates, and so much more.
  • Massage and Body Work for therapeutic relaxation

Devon Westpheling, MS, PLPC, GRCT

Devon Westpheling, MS, PLPC, GRCT, is a holistic psychotherapist who practices at the International Institute of Holistic Medicine with a wide range of clients, approaching mental health concerns from a mind-body-spirit perspective. She holds a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, an advanced certification in Child Forensic Psychology, and specializes in the treatment of adult survivors of childhood trauma. Devon is an instructor in the Psychology Department at Missouri State University and the Springfield School of Metaphysics. She leads workshops on mindfulness and meditative living. Her current research includes the study of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy for treatment-resistant depression.

“Physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual presence are all intimately intertwined. I work with clients to explore beliefs, behaviors, body sensations, and personal history related to symptoms of dis-ease. I have found that the path to knowing Self is rarely a matter of becoming something we are not; rather, it is releasing identification with those things we never were. Instead of viewing pain as merely something to avoid or overcome, we can use it to propel us toward the realization of higher consciousness.”

Services include:
New Client Intake Assessment: 1 Hour $55
Holistic Psychotherapy Session: 1 Hour $85
Holistic Psychotherapy Session: 1 ½ Hours $115
Past Life Intuitive Counseling: 1 Hour
(Must complete Client Intake First)
Telephone Sessions Available

*New clients also receive their choice of a free 30-minute PEMF therapy chair session OR therapeutic massage chair session.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. &
Dr. Sergey Sorin, M.D., DABFM

Telephone Consultation with Dr. Shealy or Dr.Sorin
Call us at:

(888) 983-3904
(417) 351-5221

Highest Quality Guarantee

At Shealy-Sorin Wellness we hold ourselves to high standards. We have curated a selections of only the finest holistic wellness products available in the world!

Definitive Clinical Proof

We NEVER promote solutions without DEFINITIVE Clinical Proof!

We Practice What We Preach

every single day in our own lives to create optimal wellness (Dr. Shealy is shooting for 125 years old) These are the exact wellness solutions we use ourselves & with our patients!