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Conversations with G - A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven

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Conversations with G - A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven

Paperback – 203 pages

“Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, is an extraordinary physician and healer. In this fascinating book he shares an outstanding series of windows into his conventional education as a Neurosurgeon and his pioneering explorations in many realms of healing, including acupuncture, medical intuition, astrology, bio-electromagnetic medicine, and more. This book will be an eye opener for any serious seeker in the healing professions and for those seeking personal healing solutions beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Most importantly, it is a must read for anyone wanting to learn some of the most promising advances in healing of the broader spectrum of body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit – developed by Dr. Shealy with the help of his personal spiritual guidance.”

Daniel Benor, MD, ABIHM, holistic psychotherapist, author of Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release

G has been a part of Norm’s life for more than thirty years. Norm’s good at keeping sacred treasures personal such as a three-decade long relationship with an angelic guide. Now he’s decided to share this personal part of his life’s story with the public. I would have cautioned him to keep this part of his life private even a decade ago but now I am delighted he is letting everyone know that he has long worked with angelic guidance. Why should he keep such an elegant truth to himself?

G sparks mystical thoughts and at times, deliberately so. I think people should wonder about the nature of heaven and the mystical realm. But more than wonder about it, I believe that human beings are born with an innate desire – if not craving – to experience genuine sacred awe in our lives. We do not want to believe that life is random and that we evaporate at the end and that none of our choices really matter. The angelic realm is an expression of the truth that we reside in universe that is essentially holy and sacred. We reside in the physical world for a very brief amount of time but we dwell in the spiritual world eternally. If nothing else, the relationship between G and Norm suggests life goes on after we “disembark” from Earth.

I can’t keep track of all the many books Norm has written. He is brilliant, creative, and prolific. I do know, however, that this book contains a part of his life and information that he has never shared in any of his other books. Indeed, Norm has written a book that will inspire your spirit as much as expand your mind.

~ Caroline Myss

Forward by Caroline Myss
Chapter 1: Autobiography of a modern mystic
Chapter 2: The nature of mysticism
Chapter 3: Early conversations with an angel
Chapter 4: Depth psychoanalysis by an angel
Chapter 5: Rich and erotic dreams
Chapter 6: My Sacred Contract
Chapter 7: The Kundalini experience
Chapter 8: Muriel: My personal angel
Chapter 9: Opening the heart chakra
Chapter 10: The subsequent journey
Chapter 11: Views from the universe
Chapter 12: The Shealy Protocols
Chapter 13: Creating your angelic dialogue
Chapter 14: The Road Less Traveled
Chapter 15: My latest intuitive discovery


“Stunning! Half mystic’s guide, half practical healing wisdom treatise, this is a must read book. You won’t find many life stories out there like Dr. Shealy’s, especially ones that contain such deep wisdom to apply to you own life and journey.”
Nick Ortner – NY Times Bestselling Author of The Tapping Solution

“A medical prodigy and genius shares conversations he has had with his spirit guides, as well as discoveries, medical and spiritual, derived through these dialogues. A fascinating life story.”
Walter Semkiw MD of, author of Return of the Revolutionaries, Born Again and Origin of the Soul.

“When a living legend like Norman Shealy tells his story of awakening, you know it’s going to be good. Norman shares with us the almost mystical pathway that led him to become the inspirational genius for a whole generation or more of people who “know” there is more than just mechanistic science but who want an academically-oriented leader to help them prove it. If that’s nor enough, here we have an advanced manual for healing skills and the models of reality that go with them. Truly a gift to Humankind.”
Keith Scott-Mumbly MD, MB ChB, HMD, PhD



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