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Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoScalar®

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Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoScalar®
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Sacraments of the International Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing

Shealy-Sorin Wellness’ development of scalar zero point energy, enhanced with sapphire, is the most effective stress reducing, health restoration approach known:

  • Reduces adrenomedullin, the stress hormone which ordinarily increases throughout life. The longest living people in the world have blood levels equal to healthy 20 year olds
  • Reduces free radicals which damage and age us
  • Reduces inflammatory markers in the blood
  • Increases brain delta activity, associated with deep relaxation

Sapphire enhanced AdrenoScalar® appears to be the greatest health restorer discovered—assisting in reducing adrenomedullin, reducing free radicals, reducing inflammation, enhancing delta brain activity and improving immune function. I predict it will also regenerate telomeres.

The great advantage of Sapphire enhanced AdrenoScalar® is that it is so simple to use. Just set it on a table in your bedroom and receive its stress reducing, energy enhancing benefits while you sleep! As little as 9 hours a week has been found to reduce adrenomedullin, the single most important measurement of cumulative stress. Just three hours exposure has led to reduced free radical production. Twenty minutes of blood exposure strikingly reduces inflammation.

NOTE: The power supply is a U.S. standard plug.  If using outside the U.S. a Power Adapter may be required and not included with purchase.



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