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TENS 3000 with Timer

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TENS 3000 with Timer
The TENS 3000 (Item #DT3002) from Roscoe Medical is a Dual Channel, three-mode analog TENS therapy unit with built-in timer.

This user-friendly, exceptional quality TENS unit boasts the latest in microprocessor technology, featuring precise dial and timer performance. A Safety Amplitude Cap comes standard, which closes the amplitude knobs to protect the user from accidental knob movements that may result in jolts of power.

Mode Specifications
  • Burst Mode ("B"): Bursts occur twice per second. Pulse width adjustable; frequency fixed at 100Hz.
  • Normal Mode ("N"): Continuous stimulation
  • Modulation Mode ("M"): Pulse Rate is automatically varied in 10-second looping cycle. Pulse rate linearly decreases by 40% over four seconds, remains constant for one second, then linearly increases back to its original value over a four-second period. Cycle then repeats.

Technical Specifications & Features:
    • Manufacturer Item Number: DT3002
    • Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
    • Pulse Amplitude (Intensity): 0-80mA each channel (500 ohm load)
    • Pulse Rate: 2-150 Hz, Adjustable
    • Pulse Width: 30-260 microseconds, Adjustable
    • Microprocessor Technology for precision dial performance
    • Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-phasic Square Pulse
    • Timer: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or Constant ("C")
    • Voltage: 0-40V (Load: 500 ohm)
    • Max Charge Per Pulse: 20 micro-coulombs
    • Power Supply: 1x 9 volt heavy-duty battery only
    • Battery Life: Approximately 5-10 hours at normal settings
    • Weight: 115 grams (~4oz), with battery included
    • Dimensions: 3.75" (H) x 2.56" (W) x 0.93" (D)
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Package Includes Everything Needed To Start Treatment Right Away:
      • 1x TENS 3000 Analog TENS Unit
      • 45" Lead Wires
      • 1x Package Of High Quality 1.5" x 1.5" Tan Cloth Self-Adhesive Electrodes
      • + 8 Additional Self Adhesive Electrodes
      • 1x 9V Battery
      • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
    • Instruction Booklet


Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review



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